Waikiki Skyline

One year and one month ago, almost to the day, I shot my first Hawaiian wedding. After that truly amazing experience, I came home determined to go back the following year, but with Jeff. I knew at the time that it was a long shot, but I figure it was a good goal to strive for. Today, I’ve arrived in Waikiki for a few photo shoots and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity.

When I left my day job, I had some very big plans for my photography career, and though I’m still well on my way to achieving many of them, I am thrilled with how far I’ve come in my short time frame. So, on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my friends and family that have offered endless encouragement, the wonderful colleagues I’ve made both local and afar that have spared me pain with their advice, and my patient, supportive boyfriend who I will be picking up at the Honolulu International Airport in just a couple of hours. #lifeplan2013.

And in case you missed your chance to shoot with me in Oahu this week, I will be back in May so contact me to take advantage of my travel schedule and save your date! Happy Thanksgiving!