About Hybrid Photography

For couples who want a little dreaminess in their gallery

Hybrid photography is the term used to describe the marriage between digital and film photography.  I am excited to offer the option to add-on medium format and 35mm film photography service to your session.  Medium format film especially provides a gorgeous depth of tone and range that is difficult to achieve with even the best digital cameras.  Film images are great “wow” photos for your heirloom album, save the date cards, reception photos, and your home gallery. Adding film services to your session will give your gallery a timelessness and romantic feel to your total collection, while the digital component ensures you have plenty of options, especially in low light situations. The digital services preserves important memories that everyone must have, but may not necessarily need in film, thus you’ll receive both quality and quantity with a hybrid session.

In the examples below, the digital images is displayed first on the left and the film counterpart is displayed second on the right. Pay particular attention to the color of the skin tones. The film scans have a richer density of colors and closely mimics what the natural human eye sees in most situations. The high dynamic range of film gives the photos a richness with the details preserved in the shadows and highlights of the film images when compared to the digital counterpart, which can seem thin and two dimensional under certain lighting scenarios.