Hi, I’m Desirée!


As an artist specializing in photography, I believe that my job is only half complete when I press the shutter. I post process all of my deliverable work personally with the hope that you will want to proudly show off your photos. I love the opportunities for creativity in photography, as well as providing a personalized customer service experience as a business owner. My proudest images come from working with people who I would want to hang out with even if they weren’t paying me. At the end of the day, loving my job comes down to loving my clients, and I happily go the extra mile for people who appreciate it.

  • As a photographer, my subject is light. My camera is just an instrument I use to sculpt my subject. I believe that there is a unique light that shines in each of us. When I can engage sincerely with my clients, I can find that light. I believe that this light within us is what makes a strong portrait truly memorable. This is how I approach photography. This is my philosophy. The focus of my brand is my client. That is why I named my studio DELIGHTED IMAGES—it’s all about you, and photographing the light within.
  • Always striving for different ways to craft light around my clients, I want to tell your story in the most visually striking way while still maintaining timelessness. The best results are yielded with true and genuine emotion. To get that emotion, I focus on experiences for you and your fiancé to enjoy. From picnics to frolicking on the beach, to any ideas you may have; it’s all about the experience. This allows you to focus on what’s truly important—enjoying each other. Gaining your confidence this way helps me portray the best version of you.
  • With formal training as an attorney, it’s only natural for me to provide a fully professional experience. From all communication and throughout the entire process, you can expect punctuality, reliability, and thoroughness. As the provider of one of your first heirlooms, I take my responsibilities very seriously.


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