About You

It’s important that Delighted Images is a good fit for your needs, both at an artistic level and a fundamental level.  I’ve found that the clients that are the best match have a few traits in common. Seriously, I work with some authentically cool couples!

  • The Delighted Bride has very high attention to detail and wants a wedding as beautiful as she knows her marriage will be. She is poised under pressure and gracious with her guests. She hand selects her maids with care and makes them feel like the important people that they are, even on her special day. The Delighted Bride knows that when the time comes, she can trust her vendors to execute amazing work. She is able to let go of the planning and simply enjoy the most important moments of her wedding day.
  • The Delighted Groom plays an integral role in the wedding planning. He is often in charge of two or three large aspects of the wedding, usually including the photography selection. He is a photography enthusiast himself and cares mostly about the things directly affecting him and his bride. He has impeccable taste and wants to relish in the day almost as much as his bride. The Delighted Groom looks out for the well-being of his bride during the planning and makes sure she is not over stressed.