Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save my date?

A date is only reserved when the non-refundable retainer fee is paid and the contract is fully executed. The remaining balance is due no less than 30 days before the wedding date. Payments can be split in any manner that is convenient to you so long as the full balance is paid no less than 30 days before the wedding date. All dates are first booked, first served.

When should I book you?

Because Delighted Images is a growing company currently charging competitive introductory rates, I am not booking dates more than 18 months ahead. To ensure quality and a high level of customer service, I limit my booking to 24 weddings a year. However, in addition to servicing my own clients, I continue to assist and second shoot with premier wedding photographers all over the country to expand my experience and sharpen my techniques throughout the year. As a result, dates do fill up quickly. It is recommended that you lock in the best rate and save your date by booking no less than 8 months before your wedding date.

Is your shooting style posed or photojournalistic?

Both. I give my clients direction during the session to photograph their best features in the most flattering light. While I may guide you, the image may still appear photojournalistic. I will usually ask you to do something simple together like whisper a joke her ear. During the ceremony, I am purely photojournalistic and only find authentic moments. During the reception, I am both photojournalistic and may ask for smiling group shots. My goal is to deliver photos that show the all the joy and love you and your family experience during the wedding while making sure everyone looks good!

Can I have the Copyright?

No. Copyright is a legal right to full ownership of an image. The photographer owns the copyright on all of his/her images by default. It is studio policy to retain the copyright for all wedding photographs. Most people mistake copyright with a printing license, and/or model release.

A printing license is a license granted by the copyright holder (me) that allows the licensee (client) limited rights to use the photographs without penalty. I grant my clients a printing license with all digital image purchases which includes the right to print and share the images on social media for your personal use only.

A model release is a release given by the person that is the subject of the photographs to use his/her likeness in publication. Whether a model release is given or not, the copyright of the image is not affected and will still belong to the photographer. My model release seeks permission to use the images for publication on my website, my second shooter’s website, as well as possibly other wedding industry websites, photography competition, and/or my own advertising.

As an artist, I am very motivated to create beautiful, original photos that I’m proud to share. When clients book me for both their wedding and engagement session, I’m flexible with the time because I shoot for both you and me—creating images I know you’ll love, and experimenting with new techniques that may just be incredible. But if you don’t want your photos shared, there is no need for extra time during the session. Admittedly, it does kill the drive a little when a client wants to abstain from the model release. I prefer to obtain a model release from all clients, however, I respect the request for privacy. Since all of my advertising is through publication of real couples on my blog and social media, a percentage of the total package price with be charged as a lost opportunity fee for abstaining from the model release. The fee also covers the inflated rate I must pay my second shooter(s) to forgo use of their images.

How many photos will I receive?

You can expect a minimum of 350 delivered images for a 6 hour wedding. On average, approximately 100 photos are taken each hour, however many of those shots are extra safety shots or for post processing later. I personally select the photographs that meet my standards for delivery. During the selection process, I look for emotion, composition, and sharpness among other qualities. I strive for quality over quantity. Keep in mind, the more photographers your collection has and the more details your wedding has, the more photos and variety you will receive. Conversely, receiving over 1,000 photographs is overwhelming and can deter you from revisiting your photos.

How do you charge for destination weddings?

Typically, travel beyond 100 miles of zip code 94501 may incur travel costs at a rate of $1 per mile in excess, plus tax. Locations more than 120 miles from zip code 94501 may require overnight accommodations and/or flight arrangements. In this event, I will make reasonable accommodations (safe and secure hotel to prevent loss or theft of gear and images, reasonable flight plans) and you simply reimburse me within 15 days of receiving receipts to support costs. Currently, travel fees for all international bookings with weddings on or before November 30, 2017 will be a flat fee of $950 USD (or less if applicable).

Do you shoot from a list? What about Pinterest boards?

No, and yes. I do not shoot from a “shot list” for anything other than groupings for the family formal portion of the wedding day. Shot lists distract me from being present and catching authentic moments. If you have an unusual tradition, or an image you know you would like made for your home, just let me know. As for Pinterest, yes, you can send me your inspiration from Pinterest, but there are no guarantees that your images will turn out the same way. I view your Pinterest inspiration to get a feel for the style you like in preparation for your shoot.

Are you insured?

Yes, Delighted Images has full liability insurance and can provide certificates if your venue requires. If your venue requires coverage, please notify me within 2 months so that Nicole at State Farm has ample time to write your venue’s information on the certificate as an additional insured.

Why is your contract so long? I hate reading, why do we even need a contract?

The contract is designed to protect both you and me. The contract covers our obligations to each other in the worst case scenario, though I always strive to exceed the terms of the contract in your favor. Because weddings, by their very nature, are often full of potential complications, there are a lot of scenarios to cover. Personally, I’d be leery of working with a photographer with a short contract simply because it leaves too much grey area for assumptions to fill in. It also shows inexperience. Remember, just because it’s not in someone’s contract, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I am happy to explain any of the clauses or terms if there is something you are unclear about, but my policies are firm. Just think, if I’m this prepared for all the things that could happen, imagine how prepared I’ll be for all the minor things that will happen.

My cousin/friend wants to be a photographer, can she/he work with you at our wedding?

It’s great that your friend recognizes that practical training is really important in learning a trade, and I occasionally mentor other new photographers, but a real, paying client’s wedding is not an appropriate setting for educating someone I’m just meeting. When I work with clients on their wedding day, I focus on the clients and I work with a team that I know and trust to help me tell the day’s story. I do not allow unvetted individuals to shadow a wedding, it’s just too important of an event, with many spontaneous moments to have my attention divided. Likewise, your friend won’t have enough of my attention to make it worth missing out on the moments of the wedding.
Additionally, as a policy, I am the sole professional photographer of my client’s wedding. This makes things more streamline, consistent, and straightforward. Because the day moves quickly, working in tandem with another professional photographer cause delay and confusion.

If you’re the sole professional photographer, does that mean my guests can’t take photos at the wedding?

Not at all! Being the sole professional photographer does not affect your decision to allow guests to take photos during the wedding. While it is definitely more beneficial to have an unplugged wedding and ask your guests to be present in the day’s events, I have no issues with guests taking photos so long as they are not hindering me.
During the portrait portions of the day, the session will be closed to guests. Sole professional photographer specifically refers to guests taking photos at the wedding and using them for their commercial use. This creates a conflict when one viewer may see the same wedding on two different photographer’s website without any clarification as to who is the professional photographer, or worse, if the guests submits images to a publication. This practice is actually misleading and, to use a professional term, icky.

Can I have the RAW files?

No. Similar to the confusion with copyright, most people mistake RAW files for high resolution files. Instead, you will receive the high resolution, or print ready .jpg or .jpeg files. High resolution images are delivered with a long side measurement of 2400 px and a resolution of 240 ppi or greater. Social media ready files are delivered with a minimum long edge of 1000 px and a resolution of 100 ppi and may contain a small watermark. Print resolution files are delivered with a long edge measurement of 1200 px and a resolution of 150 ppi. If you require a larger size of specific photos, please let me know at the outset.

But my brother/cousin/uncle likes editing photos and this will give him a chance for more practice.

I am a professional, internationally awarded  photographer who creates artful images from one of the most important days of your lives. My services are meant to provide custom, meaningful artwork, not to provide a generic sample of a blank canvas for someone to practice editing upon. Additionally, it is a violation of federal copyright law to modify, edit, alter, crop, or change any image provided by a copyright holder without expressed permission. As a policy, I do not grant permission to modify any of the photos I produce to anyone.

Why are some of my photos only in black and white, and some are both, and some are just in color?

My images usually center around color, however occasionally an image is stronger in black and white. I individually edit each photograph and check how the image is best displayed, whether it’s color, black, and white, or both. You will receive the stronger image, or where the image is equally strong in black and white and color, you will receive both. Where an image is delivered only in black and white, it’s considered more of a bonus image because it would have been otherwise undeliverable. Thus, where an image is delivered in only black and white, it cannot be turned back into color. If you would like a few more images converted to black and white, simply ask!

Do you give discounts?

There are very few exceptions for truly exceptional weddings, but generally no. During the initial email exchange, in addition to receiving my price menu, you’ll receive a short list of questions from me. These questions really get to the heart of the basics you’ll need for coverage of your wedding. I give my clients very high quality work and attention that exceed the rates I charge because I feel that the relationship is very important in achieving the best and most genuine photos from your wedding. Part of that relationship is a mutual respect. While I respect and understand limitations with a wedding budget, I also know that I provide high quality, luxury services, with many á la carte options for flexibility.  I am often flexible about swapping products and services to give you what you need, but my pricing and policies are firm. Please do not, ask me to devalue myself by negotiating price. My time has always been best spent with clients who respect and recognize the value of my work.

Discounts Aside, what is a dream wedding that you would shoot for free?

I really enjoy working with genuinely kind, and positive people who are in love with each other. No joke. With my background in law working with people in dire straits, the switch to working with people happy in love is such a big part of the benefits of this career.  My ideal wedding is a small intimate gathering of the couple’s closest family and friends in an organically beautiful  setting like Zion National Park, the Amalfi Coast, or the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Surrounded with natural beauty and emphasizing only everyone’s love and support for what truly matters, the couple’s new start togeher.