Bringing baby home is a time full of change, excitement, and growth. For a short period of time, your newborn is at the smallest size he’ll ever be. During these first few days, she sees only you. And the bond you form will last the rest of your life. Delighted Newborn sessions are lifestyle, in-home sessions focused on preserving the authentic moments and details that are so dear. Here are some helpful tips to preserving this monumental time with professional photography. 

  • Approximately two months from your due date, contact me to get a date on the books. Even though the due date is a best estimate, giving two months notice allows me to book other photoshoots on dates outside of the ten days surrounding the due date first. Newborn sessions are held on weekdays. For the best, squishy newborn poses, we should shoot within the first fourteen days.
  • Morning light is beautiful light. It will be difficult to set a start time before the baby is born, but once he or she is here, we will plan on starting after the morning feeding in time for the first nap of the day. This will give us plenty of time to work with the light. Since newborns can be unpredictable, having plenty of time and flexibility is a must for a successful session. It’s common to have many interruptions during the shoot for feedings, and diaper changes. This short newborn phase is a time to savor, so we’ll just go with the flow until we have what we need!
  • Keep props minimal and select only things that have a sentimental value to you and your family. The goal is to create photos that are meaningful and timeless. We will try to incorporate a few shots of everyone in the immediate family, including pets, but the majority of time will be spent with the baby. Like props, one or two outfits are fine, but nothing beats the birthday suit for this occasion!
  • Approximately two and a half weeks after the session, we will schedule an in-home reveal of the photos. A minimum of 10 photos will be printed for you to feel, hold, touch, and see in your home spatially. During this viewing, you can select the images you want for enlargement and purchase. While digital images are available to purchase separately, all prints you select also come with the corresponding digital negative.